Foxtail Millet ( కొర్రలు )


Foxtail millet is rich in dietary fibre, protein, healthy micros (vitamin and minerals) and low in fat. Studies show that people who consume foxtail millet in their diet have a lower probability of suffering from diabetes.

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Foxtail millet is a balanced food. Besides containing 8 percentage of fibre, it also holds12 percentage of protein in it. It can be recommended as the right food for pregnant women. Even constipation in pregnant women, that naturally arises out of growing baby in the womb, can be cured by feeding them with Foxtail millet rice. When children get a high temperature, they experience an attack of epileptic fits. These attacks would continue for some years. The right food that can get rid of epileptic fits, nervous weakness and convulsions is Foxtail millet. Besides, it also helps in healing certain kinds of skin disorders, mouth cancer, lung cancer, stomach cancer, Parkinson’s disease and asthma (along with Kodo millet rice).

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